All India ASECA feels that we should take this opportunity (Guru Gomke Centenary Celebration) to do some constructive work or take up some projects, which are needed for capacity building of our society. We feel following projects should be taken up in every districts of Santal concentration to enable formation of a network: 1) CULTURAL COMPLEX (INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT): Training Facility, Conference Facility, Open Air Theatre, Library & Museum Facility, Operational and Maintenance Provision 2) ATU MANEHAL WELFARE FUND and 3)IMPLEMENTATION OF OL CHIKI: Universal Literacy Mission, Promotion of Education/Literature etc.

The sources of funding of the projects will be out of the collection from general public, Govt. grant, and other sources. The funds collected from villages shall be kept exclusively for the Atu Manehal Welfare Fund. All India ASECA has circulated coupons in Orissa to collect the contribution from the concerned persons. Out of the collection, it is envisaged to construct the cultural complex at Baripada, District HQ of Mayurbhanj. The same model can be replicated elsewhere based on the success of this project. All are requested to contribute generously and make this programme a success.Our local coordinators will visit your place or contact you. You can directly also send your contribution preferably through Cheque/ Draft in favour of All India ASECA, New Delhi at the address given below. Your contribution shall be acknowledged by All India ASECA.

For more details please feel free to contact us.