22ND  MAY, 2005 TO 24TH MAY 2005 AT VILLAGE HAD HADI (Near Laxmiposi, along Baghda Road, 3 K. M. from Baghda Golei) BARIPADA, MAYURBHANJ, ORISSA


Organised by: All India Adivasi Socio Educational and Cultural Association         (All India ASECA), New Delhi in Association with ASECA, Rourkela, and other contributors

Supported by: Mayurbhanj Adivasi Employees Welfare Association, Baripada and other Associations




It may be recalled that the first announcement regarding celebration of Pandit Raghunath Murmu Birth Centenary was made in the December 2003 issue of ASECA CHANNEL. It was perhaps the first initiative to sensitise people on Centenary. It was in the form of a proposal giving therein the names of persons who would be responsible for steering the process of organizing the event. The responsibility centre along with the action plan/milestones were also given. There was tremendous amount of initial response on this proposal and going by the response it was hoped that this is going to be a mega event. One of the main and important messages All India ASECA wanted to market is the concept of organizing this event collectively, jointly so as to rekindle oneness, uniqueness. One does not find appropriate occasions to demonstrate community solidarity during his lifetime. There cannot be more appropriate occasion than this for that purpose. But things did not happen as expected, anticipated. It is also difficult to assess whether people think in this line. It gives an impression that people need more time in realizing the virtues of this proposal. It is learning for some like us that the matter has been considered in a narrow way even by the people who are considered to have in depth knowledge on social issues or are known faces of the community. From the very beginning the stress was on creation of monuments, physical assets of permanent nature as part of the community development model in addition to the show of solidarity.  Though initially it was appearing to receive the positive public response and appreciation, it did not take much time to realize that the idea was not going to be accepted so easily. On analysis it appears that it happened not because people did not like the idea but because of not being able to understand its content and philosophy. The concept of forming a national / state level body for Centenary celebration remained a pipe dream as it was vehemently opposed by some during its initial stages of formation. Moreover, lack of patronage, determination, and commitment pushed this idea to die its natural death.

Another proposal was also mooted to some how show case this as a national level community awakening event but that also was shrouded by confusion due to unnecessary controversy being created by some of the stake holders. It is a paradox in the sense that people had their own share of fear of diluting their own existence whereas in the real sense it was meant to project their acme existence. As a result, the event has been reduced to a local affair whereas the requirement to hit the target demands collective approach. So result is that this event is also being made ineffective. These developments force one to think and believe about the conspiracy angle to derail the whole process. As this ceremony has a definite place in the history of Santals, the attempt is, therefore, to make public various developments during the course of preparation for the celebration.

We get the feedback that in spite of bottlenecks; All India ASECA has inspired (sometimes provoked) others to organize this event.  As such there was mix bag of excitement, disappointment, expectations, anticipation in organizing the Birth Centenary Celebration of Guru Gomke.



Failure of the attempt to bring together people under a common platform in the initial phase gave a signal that the event is not to going to be organized the way it was proposed. All India ASECA lost hope and decided to remain neutral. During this period, ASECA, Rourkela is the only organization that had reminded All India ASECA about its role and inspired to go ahead with the original plan. Their assurance of unconditional support is the backbone and motivating factor for this Association. That was the turning point and this Association never looked back. It was decided to develop a facility to carry out research on culture, impart training on various fields, use it as a resource centre. Another one is to install a life size bronze statue of Guru Gomke. These two then become the Centenary project.  Initially, it appeared gigantic but it is the blessings of Guru Gomke that both the assignments are going to be accomplished.


It is our pleasure to announce that ASECA, Rourkela has created a history of sort by mobilizing Rs 2,00,000/- (Rupees Two Lakh) for the Centenary.  All India ASECA is grateful to them and congratulates them for achieving this feat. We take this opportunity to extend our thanks and appreciation to the individual donors of Rourkela. We really salute their (donors from Rourkela and other places) spirit of belongingness.  We feel extremely obliged.   



It is our belief that good work produces good result. We are overwhelmed to receive support of all nomenclature monetary, advisory, material and physical. We have received support even from unknown places / persons. Time is always a constraint and within this limitation one has to move forward. It is the support and contribution of people which enable us to do something for the community. So we dedicate the credit so far earned to the people who are associated with us, with the Centenary project. 

We have strong feeling and faith in our approach and going by the support that is pouring in, we do not feel alone now. The word impossible now appears possible. Once the proposal starts translating into action, more and more people will be associated with this project. The beginning has already started. It will not take much time in accomplishing job with the involvement and initiative of people.   We are planning to dedicate two days out of three days of Centenary celebration schedule for close interaction among people, creation of community assets, familiarizing people with the project concept and associated benefits, apprising people on the importance of roles and responsibilities both individual and collective in the community development process. 



Mr. Chintu Soren, Income Tax, Rs 5000/- Mr. Jagannath Hembram,   Rs 5000/- Dr. Maisa Soren,  Rs 5000/- Mr. Bhimsen Majhi,  Rs 2000/- Mr. Lita Gosain Murmu, Rs 1000/- Er. P. C. Hansdah, Rs 2000/- Mr. Sanatan Marndi, Rs 2000/- Mr. Braja Kumar Kisku, Rs 2000/- Mr. Dhana Tudu, Rs 1000/- Mr. Birendra Kumar Soren, Rs 1000/- Mr. Saiba Tudu, Rs 1000/- Mr. Khelaram Tudu, Rs 1000/- Mr. Ram Chandra Majhi, Rs 1000/- Er. Braja Mohan Marndi, Rs 1000/- Mr. Lal Mohan Majhi, Rs 1000/- Mr. S. S. Hansdah, Rs 1000/- Mr. Sirip Ch. Soren, Rs 1000/- Mr. K. S. Marndi, Rs 1000/- Mr. S. S. Murmu, Rs 1000/- Mr. Dukhishyam Hansdah, Rs 1000/- Mr. Indramani Majhi, Rs 1000/- Mr. Mangal Hansdah, Rs 1000/- Mr. Binod Bihari Marndi, Rs 500/- Mr. Fagu Hansdah, Rs 1000/- Mr. Sankha Baskey, Rs 1000/- Mr. Ruplal Soren, Rs 1000/- Mr. Chandrai Murmu, Rs 1000/- Mr. Sitaram Hembram, Rs 1000/- Mr. Karunakar Murmu, Rs 1000/- Mr. Dhana Marndi, Rs 1000/- Mr. Sudhir Marndi, Rs 1000/- Mr. Bholanath Majhi, Rs 1000/- Mr. Mangal Hembram, Rs 1000/- Mr. Dubraj Hansdah, Rs 1000/- Mr. Dhuma Hansdah, Rs 1000/- Mr. Budhuram Majhi, Rs 1000/- Mr. Bajun Soren, Rs 1000/- Mr. Bajal Majhi, BDO, Patnagarh, Keonjhar, Rs 10,000/- Mr. Bangali Tudu, Rs 2000/- Mr. S.S. Hansdah, DIG, Rs 10,000/- Mr. C. P. Majhi, Sr. Div. Manager, Oriental Insurance Co.,  Rs 10,000/- Mr. Rabindra Nath Murmu,,  Rs 2,000/- Others Er. Sunaram Murmu, TCS, Mumbai, Rs 2000/-, Bhagirathi Majhi, Marshal Dahar, Isannagar, Balasore Rs 1000/-, Mr. B. B. Majhi, Regional Research Laboratory (RRL), Bhubaneswar, Rs 500/-Mr. Pitha Murmu, RRL, Bhubaneswar, Rs 500/-Er. M. C. Tudu, RRL, Bhubaneswar, Rs 500/-, Mr. D. K. Tudu, RRL, Bhubaneswar, Rs 500/-, Mr. Biswanath Soren, RRL, Bhubaneswar, Rs 500/-, Er. K. C. Beshra, General Secretary, RRL SC/ST Employees Welfare Organisation, Bhubaneswar, Rs 500/-



PROGRAMME (ka.mihora) {Local contact Nos. for other information Mr. Meghrai Marndi 9437035388, Dr. Saloram Hansdah 9437177805, Mr. Tapan Hembram 9437188701, Mr. Purushottam Marndi, 9437161578}



Date (ma.hiT)








We have requested following dignitaries to grace the occasion as Hon’ble Guests. Hon’ble Chief Minister, Orissa is expected to attend as Chief Guest and unveil the statue.


Other notable guests to whom the invitation card has been sent include:


1.      Shri Shibu Soren, MP

2.      Shri Prithibi Majhi, Hon’ble Speaker, Assam Legislative Assembly

3.      Shri Damodar Rout, Hon’ble Minister, Govt. of Orissa

4.      Shri Golak Naik, Hon’ble Minister, Govt. of Orissa

5.      Shri Babulal Marandi, MP, Jharkhand

6.      Shri Basudeb Acharia, MP, West Bengal

7.      Dr. Ram Chandra Dome, MP, West Bengal

8.      Shri Rupchand Murmu, MP, West Bengal

9.      Shri Sudam Marndi, MP

10.  Shri Birabhadra Singh, MP

11.  Shri M. A. Kharavela Swain, MP

12.  Shri Ananta Nayak, M.P.

13.  Shri Surendra Lath, MP

14.  Smt. Droupadi Murmu, MLA

15.  Smt. Pramila Giri, MLA


22 May 2005, Sunday 22 me 2005, siNge mahaN





 11 A. M. to 12 Noon

11 tazaf kHon Tikin DHa.bij


Welcome / Reception of Guests


Unveiling of the Statue of Guru Gomke by Hon’ble Chief Guest


Memorial Tree Plantation by Guests



12 Noon to 4 P. M.


Tikin kHon 4 taZaf DHa.bij


Inauguration of the Meeting


Felicitation to the Sculptor Shri Bipra Charan Mohanty


Opening of Souvenir


Release of Santali Books


Centenary Award giving Ceremony


Address by Hon’ble Guests


Conclusion of Meeting




4 P.M. to 5 P.M.

4 tazaf kHon 5 tazaf DHa.bij


 Felicitation to the Donors 



7 P. M. onwards

a.yub 7 tazaf kHon


Cultural Programme



23 May 2005, Monday

23 me 2005, oTe maHaN








9 A. M. to 1 P. M.


9 tazaf kHon 1 tazaf DHa.bij


Bonga Buru and start of construction of Boundary wall/fencing work of the Complex


Memorial Tree plantation


Opening of Meeting


Interaction with the Donors and Manjhi Monehor for exchange of views and Future courses of Action



16.  Shri C. P. Majhi, MLA

17.  Shri Bimal Lochan Das, MLA

18.  Shri Sananda Marndi, MLA

19.  Shri Bhaskar Madhei, MLA

20.  Shri Sambhunath Naik, MLA

21.  Shri Ajit Hembram, MLA

22.  Shri Prahalad Purty, MLA

23.  Shri Bhadab Hansdah, Chirman Mayurbhanj Zilla Parishad

24.  Dr. P. C. Hembram, VC, Sido Kanhu University

25.  Shri Nityananda Hembram, and also others

Note: Consent is yet to be obtained in some of the cases.


Lunch Break




As the gathering is going to be large, hotels will be asked to provide food to the people. This will be on individual payment basis. Arrangement is made for the lodging of people who are coming from outside Baripada.


We are in touch with the local people particularly employees and students for necessary help in organizing this event in a better and safe way. Let’s hope with the blessings of Guru Gomke everything is going to be smooth and we will be able to enjoy the celebration as per schedule. We once again request full participation from the people.


2 P. M. to 6 P. M.

2 tazaf kHon 6 tazaf DHa.bij


Memorial Tree plantation

Continuation of fencing work




7 P. M. onwards

7 tazaf kHon


Cultural Programme



24 May 2005, Tuesday

24 me 2005, bale mahaN




9 A. M. Onwards


9 tazaf kHon

Opening of Meeting

Interaction with the Donors and Majhi Monehor

One speaker from each Block will get the chance for exchange of views

Future courses of action