Chronicle of Discussion among the enthusiasts and responsible persons regarding Centenary

In continuation to the ASECA CHANNEL, January 2017 issue wherein the purpose, propramme etc. of the Centenary celebration were published. Since then, a series of discussions are going on. In order to preserve the same as well as to disseminate widely, it has been decided to publish the same continuously so that developments from time to time are accessible to all the readers and public in general. PART 1: Published in "ASECA CHANNEL February 2017 issue

30/12/16: Madan Majhi, RBI: We should share the unaccomplished/ unfinished Agenda/Mission and Vision of Late Sunaram Soren, the Ex Minister of Odisha Govt who was fearless and down to earth and only because of whom among others, we had the benefits of Ashram Education in Odisha. We must also let our people know why he matters to us and why he is still relevant in the field of Mass education. Can we think of suggesting to Govt to improve the existing education system presently being available to our community? Can we work together for betterment of the economic status of our rural people through financial inclusion type initiatives, for better health care, toilets etc. as also whether we can create better social awareness among our people about their fundamental and other Constitutional Rights. Can we think of instituting some awards for our meritorious students on merit cum means basis and things like that? Let us discuss these issues threadbare and arrive at a consensus.

03/01/17: S. S. Hansdah, ex-ADG, Odisha Police: Good morning and a very happy and prosperous Year 2017 to all. Most of the group members have responded encouragingly to the proposal and initiative of Purna Babu and All India ASECA for celebration of Birth Centenary of Gomke Sunaram Soren in a befitting manner and also have introduced themselves.

04/01/17: Shakuntala Murmu, LIC, Jamshedpur: I am happy to be associated with the group and would definitely share my ideas for a grand celebration of SSC.

04/01/17: Saroj Soren, HAL, Sunabeda: I would like to respond to a subject posted earlier to express my opinion. The idea of celebration of birth centenary of Our beloved leader Mr Sunaram Soren would be a commendable job. I extend my full support on this regard. Hope you all will agree with me.

07/01/17: Madan Majhi, RBI: Regarding the celebration, let me make a small suggestion: Form a Committee to chalk out a broad program for celebration, decide about the venue, location where the Statue is to be installed, invite and take prior consensus from elected representatives of Mayurbhanj like MPs, local Ministers, Deputy Speaker, sitting and ex- MLAs. Select family members of Late Sunaram Soren to be included. To take prior permission from Local Administration, printing of Souvenir containing Articles on Sunaram Soren's life and works. List out some Socio-Educational programs focussing on educating the poor children, empowering the rural poor economically and on providing basic amenities etc. Preparation of some hoardings and holding debates/ slogan competitions for students can also be thought of. Kindly prepare a rough budget for the Celebration. I among others, like very much the idea of building a Conference Hall/Marriage Hall for our socio-cultural activities at Baripada. Let us go ahead and rope in more like -minded people.

07/01/17: K C Hansda, ex-CCF: Many often I had visited late Sunaram Soren when he was bed ridden at Baripada. I had opportunity to carry his dead body up to burning place. Sri G.K.Dhal, IAS the then SDO participated on behalf of government. We did his funeral ceremony since I was president of ASECA, Baripada. Therefore, I strongly support the centenary program.

20/01/17: Birakishore Soren, Bhubaneswar: Adi sarhaw aar raska renag katha jemon Jaay Jin Sunaram Soren tikina janam maha manaw aar kami hara.

23/01/17: Lakhan Besra, Bhubaneswar: For soliciting the desired contribution let us make a committee, open a bank account and circulate the details of the account number, IFS Code to all the members. However, meetings should continue at different places in some interval to discuss the details or to chalk out the programme to be carried out for the purpose. Contribution proposed is reasonable. Hope, everybody can contribute. But before that let us do necessary spread work. This is going to click magnificently.

23/01/17: Somnath Hansdah, Jamnagar, Gujarat: Refer to all the information. I would like to inform all of us that, whatever it is decided to celebrate the birth centenary of Sunaram Soren is to be done very widely, unitedly and so successfully than the centenary of Guru gomke celebrated in the year 2005. But it is observed that, we the people from each and every corner of India; highly excited and sharing our views accordingly. The matter of fact is that, the local people are also delivering their words, but not so excited till now. As a result, no satisfactory meeting has been conducted till now due to poor attendance. On 04 Feb 17, at Had-Hudi village, we shall inaugurate the centenary celebration and meaningful meeting also be conducted on that day & central committee and local committee may be formed and regain the full fledged confidence to go ahead in this regard.

24/01/17: Mahendra Soren, Bhubaneswar: I am happy to know that a start has been made at Baripada and expect that it will be a success. I am also happy to know that there are some in Bhubaneswar who are really concerned about the programme and can do a great job. What is needed is to ignite them about this programme. But surprised to know that they are not aware of the ongoing preparatory activities and all that. Therefore I request the leaders to convene a meeting in Bhubaneswar after the Republic Day.

25/01/17: Thakurdas Hansdah, Bhubaneswar: Oh, Great News, I have just visited Hensda & met the Relatives of Great Adibasi Leader Sunaram Soren. You will be very happy to know that Govt.of Odisha is going to publish tomorrow my Article titled 'MAHAAN SWAADHINATA SANGRAMI SUNARAM SOREN' in Republic Day Celebration, 2017 in its Odia issue of Utkal Prasanga. So by the way I am always with you. Do as you like, but remember time is very very short now.

25/1/2017: P. C. Hembram: Let me share some understanding and realisation till now for better appreciation of all. 1. Barring few, everybody remained in the group shows sense of responsibility. It may be noted that prior consent was not obtained and it stated with the available contacts. 2. It was expected that if each individual member adds at least five members from his/ her group, the strength would be at least 500. It is also possible to have 1000 members for the celebration (not only WhatsApp group). But it hasn't happened. It was also expected that some of our members would add their grown up children. This is required to make them partners in this kind of initiative for our collective life and welfare. 2. This initiative is in addition to the programs of the government. It's the common citizens' tribute to our great forefathers. So ministers and MLAs are involved in the official programme. They would be certainly consulted if needed. 3. Regarding budget: Going by the income of people, 10000 rupees can easily be donated if there is a will. So presently, we can collect 10 lakh rupees with 100 people, 50 lakh rupees with 500 people and so on. 4. Committee will be formed with the people who are involved in the process and it will be worthwhile then to chalk out plans and programmes. 5. It has been envisaged to install a life size bronze statue and a conference hall for interaction and promotion of arts and culture. 6. Detailed proposal will be drafted based on the responses and for this all are requested to inform about their contributions. 7. It is pertinent to inform that some have already committed 1 lakh rupees as individual contribution. If it is realised, there will be no problem in installing bronze statue. But this will not debar others from contributing for the statue.

26/01/17 - P. C. Hembram: Let me share some information. 1. From the meeting on Sunday at Baripada, it was revealed that in the last few years there was no committee or inter association coordination for celebrating the birth anniversary. Only few individuals were assembled to pay their homage to the bust installed at Bhanjpur crossing. So there was no initiative from Baripada for Centenary celebration. 2. Let me assure you All India ASECA or myself in particular are not disheartened rather we have a grand program to celebrate this occasion. Only need of the hour is to say I am with the organiser for Sunaram Soren. We can claim our strength from our past performance. 3. There is very little time and it was envisaged to assemble on that day at Bhanjpur followed by a meeting at Had Hadi to chalk out future courses of action. The occasion should also be utilised to pay our homage to Guru Gomke and seek his blessings. 4. All are requested to contribute in All India ASECA s/b account no. 076201000014827, ifsc IOBA0000762, indian overseas bank, parliament street, new delhi 110001. We assure you that funds will be utilised genuinely. Please also send email at contact@allindiaaseca.org for keeping the upto date information.

26/01/17: Dr Subrat Soren, Kerala: May few young people not be knowing much of Sunaram Soren, may be it is their ignorance or may be some other reasons and we should not discourage if someone is really interested. I too believe because of modernity and easy affordability in getting basic need and luxury in life we never try to find time to read our heroes. l may quote Dr. Ambedkar "those who don't know their history they can't build their future". Let me start something about Sunaram Soren someone has a query. Sunaram soren as born and brought up in Hensda (Hesla near Hat Badla). Early childhood mostly in Hensda village but his father knew I have to make my son a leader who is today bhurka eepil, so his father was strict and provided all possible resources. His father's name was late Champairam Soren (who was a writer for British India in police department). Sunaram Soren was first son, he completed lower primary in Loujoda near to Hat Badla. Then went to capital school and Ravenshaw school. Mayurbhanj was a princely state which was ruled by Bhanj dynasty. He had started studentsí movement with collaboration of Jaipal Singh Munda to separate out tribal areas to become adisthan (which was transformed later into Jharkhand) a separate country/Special areas ruled by tribal in the line communal award given for dalits during round table. Jaipal Singh was being made convinced to give autonomy of the areas etc. by Nehru. I think caste census was first made in 1931 British India according to which Special state meant for tribals was mapped out according to tribal population. So Sunaram Soren was given charge of Mayurbhanj to merge with then Bihar particularly with singhbhoom district. Jaipal Singh was in charge of Bihar to mobilise mass and create a separate state. But Harikrushna Mahtab was the prime minister (preindependence era of utkal, who strongly opposed to merger of mayurbhanj because of iron ores. King of mayurbhanj was interested in utkal merger as his relatives are in utkal. During studentsí movement sunaram soren was jailed as he had a massive mass movement putting all efforts to merge mayurbhanj to then Bihar. Results in one of the bloodiest gunduriya genocide in Indian history. At last made convinced by this. 1. Autonomy of separate state 2. At that time no adivasi are educated so you will be given cabinet ministry and build the education infrastructure which born into ashram/sebashram. 3. Besides he was also commerce minister and rural development minister. So today whatever we are witnessing rural roads which become concrete or pichu now all are the gifts of ideas of sunaram soren. Majority of them. This was the 1951, 1952 cabinet framework. We have been mostly damaged by Harikrushna Mahtab, the earliest chief minister of Orissa. They cheated our minister. They ruled and divided us. In my mind Nehru cheated Jaipal Singh and Sunaram Soren. He was the key person to establish brahminical rule among tribal community by not fulfilling the promises made for the autonomy. Gift by sunaram soren: he had shown us the Dahar - the pathways to grow and develop. Our first generation got education only because of him so we. I remember my father used to tell they were seated separately from other diku students being adivasi. Majhi being used to denote adivasi. Think at that time, had such leadership not been there, hardly any of us would have been able to read and able to have dignified life. Brahminical supremacy had been damaged since then because of babasaheb, Jaipal Singh, sunaram soren, etc, through sacrifices they have made a path to raise and rise. We always be indebted to them. Sunaram soren was the first social reformer for the santal as well as adivasi, architect for ashram schools, architect of rural roads, performed excellence as labour and commerce minister. can we imagine any adivasi leader has been given this number portfolios that to cabinet rank post independent era. I Think no. He was the first santal(probably being lawyer). He got degrees double graduation before independence. Some of the slogan..."Ladh k lenge jharkhand". Under his leadership first printing machine for olchiki was established. He was phenomenal in spearheading all progress of adivasi. He was good in singing and playing instrument as well. he was most educated dynamic leader in pre and post independent era who established the foundation for santal and adivasi of a platform. Who has shown and taught diku that adivasi is also intelligent. Hope this small information may enlighten our fellow friends who really want to know about Sunaram Soren.

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