Sl. No. Description Answer
1 Do all family members talk in Santali? Yes/No
2 All family members can talk in Santali? Yes/No
3 Do all family members know “Ol Chiki”? Yes/No
4 Do you have a book or literature/pamphlet in “Ol Chiki” in your house? Yes/No
5 Do you visit your native place with your children in a year? Yes/No
6 Have you done any remarkable changes in your family or village? Yes/No
7 Do you help your village in any way? Yes/No
8 Do you help students from your village for higher studies? Yes/No
9 Have anyone from your village approached you for any advice relating to higher studies? Yes/No
10 Do your children know all your relatives? Yes/No
11 Do your children know the names of the relationship prevailing in Santal Society? Yes/No
12 Do your children go to Jaher whenever you visit your native place? Yes/No
13 Do you pray at “Gosane” when you visit your village? Yes/No
14 Do your child/children know the practice of salutation (johar/expression/address)? Yes/No
15 Do your children have at least 5 friends at native place? Yes/No
16 Do your children name at least names of 10 neighbours? Yes/No
17 Do you worship at Home? Yes/No
18 Do you worship your ancestral/traditional Gods? Yes/No
19 Do you go to temple or any other religious places like Mosque, Church or Gurudwara etc.? Yes/No
20 Do you go to Jaher to pray? Yes/No
21 Have you contributed for general get together? Yes/No
22 Do you contribute for empowerment of Santal Society? Yes/No
23 Do you think whatever you have done is sufficient to be done for the society? Yes/No
24 You have tried to find out like minded people to do something good but in vain. Yes/No
25 Do you like to be associated in a group (not of a get together type) for working towards development of Santal society? Yes/No

Note: i) Maximum “Yes” will give you happiness and vice versa. ii) This is published on the basis of initial concept and request by Mr. Chaitan Soren, Jamanjodi, Koraput, Odisha.