Letter from Bangladesh dated January 14. 2017


Respected All,

Johar from Bangladesh!

After a long break I am again writing you all for providing some important updates of activities on ol chiki. I hope you may be concern about the on going debate regarding the Santali scripts that which will be taken in Bangladesh. The decision is still pending because of the very hard line position of the supporter of Bangla script and Roman script.

The both groups were silent in last few months but a recent news story published on a very popular english newspaper of Bangladesh called daily star has revived the debate again. The important thing is that the reporter has interviewed of some important persons who are engaging with the script debate and among of them a Santal school teacher has expressed his interest in ol chiki script and the President of Jatiya Adivasi Parishad also mentioned the ol chiki script. (news link: http://www.thedailystar.net/backpage/santal-children-yet-get-textbooks-mother-tongue-1342030). And another notable thing is that the Santal people want to get rid from this on going debate as soon as possible, therefore a discussion is growing up that 'leave bangla, roman and take ol chiki'. A lot of discussion is also going on social media now.

I said before that we have opportunities for ol chiki in Bangladesh. But we have lack of support from you. Personally I tried to contact with you and was able to exchange few emails but I did not receive not enough consultation and direction. I am still hoping that you will give hand to spread the ol chiki in Bangladesh. And I am happy to inform you that we have created a list around 25 persons from different region of Bangladesh who are ready to learn and work for promoting ol chiki. We want to need your assistance and suggestions for the following draft plans:

1. We want to make a platform or committee as like ASECA. Some of our groups proposed that what about if we name it like ASECA, Bangladesh. Is this possible? or What can we do?

2. We need training on ol chiki writing. If a trainer come to Bangladesh and teach us then it will be very helpful for us and also we need more depth logical information, books, softwares on ol chiki.

3. As soon as we get the training and enough information on ol chiki we will organize press conference and declare the demand of ol chiki and will submit memorandum to respective govt. bodies, officers, politicians etc.

4. The trainees, who will get the first training, will go to santal villages as much as possible and disclose their learning from the training.

Lastly if you do not give your hand it is impossible to conduct a movement for ol chiki.

I am looking forward to your feedback.

With regards,

Manik Soren


Whatsapp no: +88 01715 519360