This is emaild by one of our friends - Worth sharing - First Set

NEVER share your secrets with ANYONE… This can be self-destructive. NEVER tell your problems to ANYONE… 20% don’t care, and 80% are glad that you have them !!
Life is similar to Boxing game.. Defeat is NOT declared when you fall down; It is declared when you refuse to ‘Get Up’! Sometimes WRONG persons teach RIGHT LESSONS
Everything is valuable only at 2 times: 1. Before getting it; and 2. After losing it !!
Two things bring happiness & success in life: 1. The way you MANAGE when you have nothing, and 2. The way you BEHAVE when you have everything !
Two places are MOST VALUABLE in the world: 1. The NICEST place is to be in someone’s Thoughts, and 2. The SAFEST place is to be in someone’s Prayers.
One of the greatest victories you can gain over someone is to beat him at politeness. Keep your face to the Sun, And you will not see the shadow!
A Deaf child says: “For all of you, I am deaf; But for me, all of you are dumb…” Moral: Life differs in each perspective. Live the way you want to.
Attitude at its best: My BACK is not a VOICE MAIL.. Kindly say on my FACE.
Ego is the only requirement to destroy any relationship. Be a bigger person; skip the “E”, and let it “go”..!! One good thing about Egoists: They don’t talk about other people!
Do you know why God didn’t give us the gift to read others’ minds? So that, We could have the chance to “TRUST”, And privilege to be “TRUSTED”! As long as we don’t forgive people who have hurt us, They occupy a RENT-FREE SPACE IN OUR MIND
We have solutions to all the problems, When they are not ours !!! I asked God: “If everything is already written in Destiny, then WHY should I pray?” God smiled and said: “I have also written- CONDITIONS APPLY…”!!! Empty pockets teach millions of things in life… But full pockets spoil us in million ways !!!
Getting angry is punishing yourself for the mistakes of others! Trust is like a STICKER. Once it is removed, it may stick again, But NOT as strong as it holds when you first applied it..! Always take care of relations.