This is emaild by one of our friends - Worth sharing - Second Set

Everything about the future is uncertain, But one thing is sure: God has already arranged all our tomorrows… We just have to TRUST HIM TODAY !!
Arguments, rather defeat with your Smile! Because people who always wish to Argue with you, cannot bear your Silence !!! The search for happiness is one of the main source of unhappiness.
Diplomacy is an art of telling people to go to hell in such a way that they tend to ask you for directions..!!
If a drop of water falls on a Lake, its identity is lost; If it falls on Lotus leaf, it shines like a Pearl. Drop is the same; but the company matters.
Our HOPES should be like Hair & Nails. No matter how many times they get cut, But they never stop growing.
If you walk the way guided by humans, you will find hopeless end; & if you walk the way guided by God, you will find endless hope.
Memories are always special… Sometimes we laugh by remembering the days we cried; And we cry by remembering the days we laughed…!!! That’s Life!
Sea is common for all… Some take pearls, Some take fishes, Some come out just with just wet legs! World is common to all; what we get, is whet we try for!
Life is very complicated… When you have standards, people call it ATTITUDE; When you are simple, people try to CHEAT you; & When you cheat others, people call you SMART!
To smile without condition, To walk without intention, To give without reason, & To care without expectation, Are the beauties of any Relation!
All communication problems are because We don’t listen to understand; We listen to reply…!!!
'There are many languages on earth, Smile speaks them all.' Keep Smiling  for Someone who Cares you to Smile.-