Story of Tiny Frogs


Once upon a time, there was a group of little frogs ….. And they wanted to have a race The final line was the top of a very high tower. The crowd started to gather around the tower to watch the race and give support to the contestants …..


And the race began: To be honest: No one believed that little frogs could reach the top of the tower There were voices from the crowd who said: “O…the track is too hard!!! They’ll NEVER GOING TO MAKE IT to the top” or “They have no chance …. The tower is too high!!” The little frogs started to fall down, one by one … except those who had the spirit to climb the tower slowly higher and higher …… , The crowd kept yelling “Impossible!!!! No one is going to make it!!” The crowd kept yelling “Impossible!!!! No one is going to make it!!”


….. But there was one little frog who managed to reach higher…, higher and higher ……….. He didn’t give up!!


Finally, other frogs gave up, but not for one little frog who was still trying hard to be the only one who can reach the top of the tower! One of the contestants who failed asked the little frog how he managed to find the power to reach the top. But they found out that the frog was DEAF!!!


Wisdom words: - Never ever listen to those who have negative tendencies or pessimist … because they’re taking the most of your life and rip it away from you. - Always listen to the wisdom words, because anything that you’ve heard or read can affect your behaviour!!!


That’s why, be POSITIVE - And most of all: act DEAF if people said that you’ll never going to reach your goal! - Always think: I can do this!




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