Memorandum to Shri Babulal Marandi, Honourable Chief Minister of Jharkhand State Ranchi, India

REGD. NO. 33/66-67

Dated: 22/12/2001

SUBJECT:- Recognition and adoption of script for SANTHALI LANGUAGE and the SANTHALI LANGUAGE AS THE RAJBHASA in Jharkhand state as well as inclusion of Santhali language in the 8th schedule of the constitution of INDIA.

Respected Sir,

With due respect and humble submission we the undersigned office Bearers and members of the aforesaid Adibasi Socio-Educational and Cultural Association, Jharkhand/Bihar, REGD. NO. 33/66-67 beg to lay before your honour the following facts for your kind consideration and favourable decision with regard to the recognition and adoption of "OL" Script for Santhali language as the "RAJBHASA" in Jharkhand state as well as inclusion of Santhali language in the 8th schedule of constitution.

1. That the Santhali Language is spoken by the largest population of the Tribes residing in Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa & Assam in particulars and in other parts of INDIA in genera. The Language is in existence since Pre-Dravidian & Pre-Aryan periods. It has its grammar and has numbers of words to express feeling and ideas.

2. That the Santhali language has its peculiar sounds and pronunciation and they are not expressible by writing in any other Scripts except "OL" Script which is invented by Late PANDIT RAGHUNATH MURMU D.LITT. The Santhali Language cannot retain its nature and beauty without its own Script "OL" SCRIPT.
The "OL" Script is perfectly Scientific and in the point of view of Linguistics and phonetics it deserves the sound ability to pronounce the words of Santhali and its sister Language accurately.
The "OL" Script is very easy to learn because it consists of 30 (thirty) Letters only and the letters are rough sketch or thin pictures of the things bearing the names of the letters.

3. That the School run by the Association Santhali speaking students do not feel any hesitation, fear or confusion in their education. They are found to take more interest in education in the medium of "OL" Script than the medium of Dev-Nagri, Bengali, Roman, Oriya or Assamese Scripts.

4. That many literary and cultural societies have been established to promote art, literature and culture through this language all over the Country. This Language has got a private academy and many publishers and printing presses. A large number of literacy publications, Drama, Novels, Short stories/Poems, Grammar evidently highlight the richness of the Language to any kind of expression.

5. That in the point of view of the Modern printing technology, that is DTP System the Computer font has been prepared by Sri Arjun Charan Hembrom with "OL" Script and it is great effort for Santhali Language. Like this Mr. PRITHY MURMU (ORISSA) has invented the shorthand and Type Writer in "OL" Chiki Script several years ago.

6. The Santhali Language has found a place in mass communication media. The All India Radio has recognized this Language. The transmission of Programmes has already been started from various Centre of ALL INDIA RADIO. The All India Radio, KOLKATA relaying a daily NEWS BULLETIN in the half an hour programme. The other cultural programme from CUTTACK, JAMSHEDPUR, RANCHI, CHAIBASA, BHAGALPUR, DUMKA, KEONJHAR, BARIPADA & Other Centres. Doordarshan Kendras- KOLKATA (W.B.), Sambalpur (ORISSA) are relaying Programme from time to time.

7. That in Jharkhand and Bihar State Santhali Language is being taught from School to University level. The U.G.C. also provides fellowship for Higher Studies in Santhali Language and Literature.

The State Government of Bihar is kind enough to adopt Santhali language to impart the Primary and Secondary stage of education to Santhali speaking children. But it is regrettable to point out that the Books available for the primary stage and Secondary stage of education are printed sometimes in DEV-NAGRI and sometimes in ROMAN SCRIPT. Not only that, despite having accepted the Language for the medium of Education and also prepared and published a syllabus of the WEST BENGAL, GOVT. has not yet implemented in the Schools. The Govt. of ORISSA has agreed to establish the Santhali Literature academy. It has also started to engage the Teacher fro the primary Classes in this Language.

8. That the Association started its work with printing of several Books for promotion of Literature, culture & social information in Santhali. At the same time the Association runs Seasonal School for the lower & higher Education in Santhali with the medium of "OL" Script.

9. That for the time being about 500 writers are engaged in promoting this Language and Literature.

10. ASECA (JHARKHAND, BIHAR, WEST BENGAL, ORISSA & ASSAM) along with the International Santhali Council held Seminar in JAMSHEDPUR, NEPAL AND NEW DELHI. All India Majhi Madwa, All India Santhal Council & other sister organizations unanimously have accepted this "OL" Chiki as the Script of the Santhali Language.

The resolutions passed unanimously have been sent repeatedly to the State Govt. of Bihar as well as Govt. of India to accept the "OL" Script but the Govt. of State or the Govt. of India has taken no steps. There are provisions in the Constitution of India, which runs as follows:

ARTICLE NO.: 29 (1) Protection of interests of Minorities
ARTICLE NO.: 46 Promotion of Educational & Economic interests of S/C, S/T and other weaker sections
ARTICLE NO.: 340 (1) Appointment of Commission to Investigate the conditions of Backward classes
ARTICLE NO.: 345 Official Language or Languages of a state
ARTICLE NO.: 347 Special provision relating to language spoken by a Section of the population of a State
ARTICLE NO.: 350 (A) Facilities for instruction in Mother tongue at Primary Stage

11. That in order of recognition to Santhali as the State Language we would like to draw your kind attention towards the research oriented assertions by the prominent Linguistic School as follows:

a) Santhali has such a criterion, which has been flowing with the stream of all the Kolarean Language, since ages. In the Stream of all the Kolarean Language, Santhali is the representative of all the Tribes Languages. (Dr. S. K. BHOUMIK)

b) Numerically, Santhali is the most important of all the MUNDA GROUP Languages of India and has reached much higher stage of Development than any other sister-language (SIR GEORGE CAMBELL)

11. That in the other hand the number of Santhali Language speaking people are much larger than the number of people speaking Nepali, Konkani, Sindhi, Kashmiri, Manipuri which have already got their berth in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution of India. But it is very unfortunate to note that none of Austric Group Language has been included in the 8th Schedule as yet. That is why we have been compelled to lay before your Honour this Memorandum to redress our grievances with the expectation of recognition and adoption of the "OL" Script for the Education of Santhali speaking children and the Santhali Language as the "RAJBHASA" in Jharkhand state as well as inclusion of Santhali Language in the 8th Schedule of India Constitution.

In addition to our basic demand for immediate approval of the Santhali Language along with "OL" Chiki Script, we also emphatically demand from the State Government for the following:

a) Inclusion of Santhali Language with "OL" Chiki Script form Primary to Higher level of Education in JHARKHAND;
b) Inclusion of Santhali Language programme in the Television and All India Radio with long period;
c) Forming the Santhali Academy separately;
d) Giving financial support towards publishing Weekly, Monthly magazines i.e. HORSOMBAD, GODET, ADIVASI & Others in the medium of "OL" Script regularly;
e) Immediate appointment of the Santhali Teachers' Training by Education Board of - A. S. E. C. A. - in the primary to High Schools of JHARKHAND
f) The Govt. should initiate committees to frame syllabi for Santhali at all stages comprising of expert Santhali writers and Teachers;
g) The Syllabi for Santhali should be framed in such a manner that they will fulfill the Socio-Cultural & Economic needs of the Santhal. They should contain Santhali Lores, Myths as well as their freedom fighters so that the Santhal students feel proud of their culture and heritage;
h) The awards and helps should be offered to Santhali Literature for the creation;
i) There should be proper place for Santhali in National Book Trust of India for Publication of Santhali Books in the MEDIUM OF "OL" SCRIPT;

In the circumstances, with the careful consideration of useful purpose of "OL" Script, we again appeal to your Honour for the fulfillment of our demand under your CHIEF MINISTERSHIP. We are hundred percent optimistic for it and we the Santhals shall not forget your benevolence.
Thanking your honour,

Your honour's memorialists;







Date: 22/12/2001

Copy to:

1. All the M. L. As. of Jharkhand
2. All the Ministers of Jharkhand
3. The leaders of opposition of Jharkhand
4. Sri Sibu Soren, M. P. J. M. M.
5. The General Secretary of West Bengal ASECA
6. The General Secretary of Orissa ASECA
7. The General Secretary of Assam ASECA
8. The President of West Bengal ASECA
9. The President of Orissa ASECA
10. The President of Assam ASECA
11. President of All India Santhal Council
12. Gl. Secretary of All India Santhal Council
13. All the B.Os. of ASECA Jharkhand
14. All other social organizations


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