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Name Aditya Kumar Mandi
Date of Birth 19 January 1974
Birth Place Village: Burughutu, post: Choutar, via: Serenga, Dist: Bankura, West Bengal
Present Address CISF Unit, FSTPP (F), Qtr No. A-580, post: Pubarun, Dist: Malda, West Bengal 732215
Books 1. Ipil (Poetry 1996), 2. Banchaok Dahar (Essay 1997), 3. Sores Sirjonre Janam Ayo (Essay 1999), 4. Akil Ahla (Poetry 2000), 5. Hudish (Essay 2001),6. Ale Atore (Poetry 2002), 7. Mid Onohrhiya Jiyonre (Auto Biography 2002), 8. Manmi (Short Story 2003), Sipahi (Poetry 2003), 10. Kherwal Saontare Onoliya Kowag Jiyon Enem (Biography 2007), 11. Banchao Larhai (Poetry 2008), 12. Mid Onorhiya Jiyon (New Enlarged Edition 2009), 13. Kherwal Saontare Onoliya Kowag Jiyon Enem Part II (Biography 2010). 14. Luguburu Ghantabari (Poetry 2011)
Date of Death Not Applicable
Any Other Information Sahitya Akademi Awardee in Feb'2012 for the year 2011