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Name Doman Hansdah
Date of Birth 1st July 1930
Birth Place at/post: Bardihkanpur (Baredih), via: Chakulia, Dist:East Singhbhum, Jharkhand
Present Address
Books Gaiang Baha (Poetry-1953), Galang Gele (Poetry-1956), Bir Baha (Poetry-1973), Chiki Chinhau (Primer-1982), Atu Orag (Novel - 1982), Piyalapur Larhai (Poetry-1983), Inj Do Okoy(Critic-1985), Jharkhandre Prachin O Adhunik Itihaser Sankhipta Sangraha-1988, Rom Jhom Pata Mai (Essay-1991), Chiki Chhanda (Primer), Sido Kanhu Hul (History-1991)
Date of Death 22nd August 1992
Any Other Information