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Name Kherwal Saren
Date of Birth 1957
Birth Place at: Raghunath Pur, post: Bela Tikri, Dist: West Medinipur, West Bengal
Present Address Jhargram, West Medinipur, West Bengal
Books 1. Kherwal Ko Disa Kate, 2. Sari Se Nase Bengal Rase, 3. Baha Main, 4. Thari Dakare Med Dag, 5. Serenj Akhlare Kherwal, 6. Ched Re Chekayena, 7. Kherwal Arang, 8. Inj Khereal Inj Memen Kana
Date of Death Not Applicable
Any Other Information Central Sahitya Akademi Awardee for 2007. For Books contact: Aadim Book Centre, Parsudih