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Appeal to All

            The aims and objects of the association stipulate the welfare of the adivasi community. We are considering Santal as a model community to work and experiment with in the beginning as this community is progressively pursuing to preserve its culture and endeavouring to establish its identity. Membership is not confined to Delhi or nearby places only. It is one of the few registered Adivasi Social Associations with an All India status formed by any Adivasi group. Any person with a vision is expected to contribute by associating him/herself for the welfare of the community from any place of the globe. We believe that unless a member is convinced about the need of his/her actions and his/her role in the matter, he/she will not be in a position to contribute in a constructive way. In our view, Santals' endeavour to achieve something through formation of association requires a review and suggest that they have to concentrate on very important and genuine issues rather than only to chit chat or organise annual get-togethers as the present trend goes. We are still in search of persons who could think about the welfare of Santals beyond their immediate neighbourhood, locality. There is a need to mobilise manpower, resources to think and do something constructive and meaningful in near future for the community as a whole. Thus it is required to change the frame of mind and we, therefore, reiterate our request to give a thinking to this aspect. The size of population and associated problems dictate huge responsibility on the members of the society and as such members need to act in a disciplined and sensible way. On the contrary, it is experienced that gradually age old traditional systems and institutions are unable to instill a sense of discipline, punctuality among the people. Thus arose the necessity to streamline and strengthen systems and institutions in order to retain specific identity of a community spread over many States in India. All India ASECA is precisely created for this purpose as stated in its mission statement to grow as an apex institution to cater to these needs. In the making of an Institution dedication of and donation from the members are the basic and important inputs. However, it has not been possible to build up matching resource base required for undertaking the envisaged responsibility. Therefore, we give emphasis to identify, motivate and enroll new members to the association in order to increase and improve the representation base and to transform it to a viable institution. Moreover, it is the members' response to the social reality that prompts them to contribute something in some form for the development of the society. Lastly, all programmes hinge on one question, "Do we have that determination?"


Considering the spread of population and scope of works to be undertaken, the Association can deliver desired result only with the help, participation, association and much needed co-operation of volunteers across the country. One need not become a member of the Association, but it will be praiseworthy if somebody imbued with the spirit of community upliftment comes forward and generously associate him/herself by offering his/her contribution in any manner future generation about our contribution to and responsible for the society. The Association will be grateful to persons/organisations who will come forward with suggestions/programmes etc. which will inspire us to work harder and faster. Undoubtedly, volunteers are the agents of change in various nook and corner of the country. It has been envisaged to identify and appoint initially at least one volunteer at least from each block in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Orissa and Assam. For metros, we can be contacted at the addresses given below:

Serial No Place Name Email id Phone No Address
1 Delhi Mr Purna Chandra Hembram contact@allindiaaseca.org



General Secretary, All India ASECA, SFS Flat No. 326, Pocket 10, Sector 11 (Extn.), Rohini, Delhi 110 085

2 Mumbai Mr Salkhu Majhi salkhu@yahoo.com, majhis@bharatpetroleum.in  022-25541803(R) 9820531178 (M)

Flat No. 154, Block 22, BPCL Staff Colony, Aziz Baug, Chembur, Mumbai - 400074


Download the soft copy of application form from here .

(see Rules and regulations 2.0 of All India ASECA Regn. # S-30626-1996)

The President/General Secretary,

All India ASECA,

SFS Flat No. 326, Pocket 10,

Sector 11 (Extension), Rohini, Delhi - 110 085


Dear Sir,

I desire to become a life member of this Association. I am giving below information in brief about myself. I shall furnish additional information if required. I shall abide by the rules and regulations of the Association.

  1. NAME (IN BLOCK LETTERS) ____________________________________________
  2. FATHER´┐ŻS NAME                             ____________________________________________
  3. DATE OF BIRTH (d-m-y)                  ____________________________________________

    CONTACT # IF ANY                        _________________________________________



    CONTACT # IF ANY                        __________________________________________


  6. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION ____________________________________________
  7. AREAS OF INTEREST                   ____________________________________________


    JOB WITH ADDRESS)                   ___________________________________________




    DETAILS                                            _______________________________________



    FEE OF Rs2011/- (*)                        ________________________________________

  11. ANY OTHER INFORMATION         _________________________________________


Place:____________                                                                                    (Signature)

* It may be one time or the applicant member may indicate his plan of payment. Drafts/Cheques may be drawn in favour of All India ASECA, New Delhi in Savings Bank A/c # 14827 at Indian Overseas Bank, Jeevan Deep Building, Parliament Street, New Delhi


The applicant has been introduced by _____________________ and his application has been/has not been approved in the ________________ meeting held on ___________. He should be informed accordingly.


(Signature of President/Gen. Secretary)


Date :

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