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During the Conference of All India ASECA at Rourkela on 11th and 12th February 2002, the galaxy of audience was apprised of the ensuing Guru Gomke Centenary Celebration. Though the reverberation was felt, the matter was not discussed at length. Interaction with people made it clear that people are aware of this and eagerly awaiting to celebrate the grand occasion. It is given to understand that some person(s)/association(s) on their own have even set the ball rolling by convening one or a couple of meetings to chalk out details of this celebration. Officially, All India ASECA has not received any communication from these organizers. However, as far as our knowledge goes, we have not come across any initiative undertaken by any other organization(s) till date. In the absence of the names of some prominent people in this endeavour, the level of confidence becomes abysmally low. Moreover, time is also approaching fast as the celebration will begin from the month of May-2004 and end in May 2005. In the meantime, General Secretary, All India Santali Writers' Association formally has sought views of All India ASECA on the Centenary Celebration. In addition to this, an informal discussion was held with the officials of ASECA, West Bengal. As nothing concrete is heard from any quarter, All India ASECA is sharing its views with every one on the possible modus operandi to organize this event. Our endeavour should be considered as our humble submission before the people on various aspects of the celebration. This submission is unconditional, purely voluntary and suggestive in nature. It should be followed on the basis of its substances. The idea is to put across our views in black and white so that something will be there to refer in future.

Present Status and Areas of Concern

There are a number of Associations/individuals who are thinking or will be thinking to organize this celebration as per their convenience or capacity. This is all right as far as local level celebration is concerned. There may be tendency to compete with each other for organizing this celebration at national level. There may also be attempt(s) to thwart this process of unification and this tendency needs to be defeated for the purpose of establishing a healthy precedent to think unitedly for the common goal of the society. An attempt is, therefore, made to neutralize this avoidable competition. There has to be a practical approach in place if a national level celebration is envisaged in a befitting manner. Involvement of every individual/association/group in one form or the other is essential. Taking into account the importance of Guru Gomke Centenary Celebration, this should be organized by persons who can organize the event in a disciplined manner with sincerity and devotion. It is due to this compulsion, some names based on their positions are indicated. This type of occasion comes rarely in a lifetime. We are very fortunate to associate ourselves with this occasion. Let us join hands to make it memorable as far as possible. We expect the contribution of highly educated and able persons who are yet to serve the society as per their ability. The challenges associated with this celebration will be weighed against our preparedness or willingness and the outcome will be history for all of us. It is hoped that our collective determination will overcome our shortcomings. The first and foremost impediment will be regarding the date for the celebration. It needs to be decided for good about the Celebration according to Kunami date or according to Calendar date. This aspect should be deliberated among the members of proposed Apex/Central/ Steering Committee and their decision should be taken as final. Let's hope that the Committee will work towards finalization of this date. This will lead to end the practice of observing this ceremony in two different dates. There is a need to work together to make this celebration broad base through mass participation, devoid of groupism, free from monopoly, structured, memorable through involvement and documentation. This can be achieved only when roles, responsibilities, authority of the organizers as well as every member of the Society are defined. It is seen that people with adequate power and authority in their respective fields do not shoulder responsibility directly as far as social issues are concerned. Due to this fact, most of the able people become either silent observer or contribute in a limited way only. But the quantum of work and related responsibility associated with this kind of massive arrangement call for the direct involvement of our people who are really capable of doing such job. In the interest of common goal, indulgence of the persons whose names are written hereunder or otherwise are solicited.

Various Committees

1. Formation of a Central/Apex/Steering Committee

2. Formation of Task Force Committtees

3. Formation of District/Block Committees

Central/Apex/Steering Committee

This is the nodal Committee to formulate, decide and implement various activities, programmes relating to the Centenary Celebration. The name of the Committee is suggestive one and can be altered or any of the names can be retained.

Scope of Work:

1. To decide and finalise all about Centenary Celebration in respect of date, programme, guests, activities, events, funds requirement;

2. To co-opt other members as per the requirement;

3. To appoint Chairman of the Apex Committee and Chairmen/Heads of the Task Force Committees from among the members;

4. To define the roles, duties, responsibilities and authority of the Members and decide about the rules and regulations for smooth functioning of the Committees;

5. To decide about the Centenary Celebration Secretariat and its functioning;

6. To decide on any other related issues.

Suggested names for the Apex Committee

Mr. Babulal Marandi, Chief Minister, Jharkhand, Sectt., Kanke Road, Ranchi 0651-403233 (O), 307172&317221 (R)

Mr. Shibu Soren, MP,224, North Avenue, New Delhi- 110 001, 011-3793857 &3793861

Mr. Salkhan Murmu, MP, 56, South Avenue, New Delhi - 110 001, 011-3793565, 06792-52766

Mr. Rupchand Murmu, MP, 306, V.P. House, New Delhi - 110 001, 011-3715446, 03221-56231

Mr. Prithibi Majhi, Speaker, Assam Legislative Assembly, Dispur - 0361-561371 (O), 560565(Fax)

Mrs. Joba Manjhi, Minister, Govt. of Jharkhand, 0651-403228

Mr. Upen Kisku, Minister, Welfare of Backward Classes, Govt. of West Bengal, Writers' Building, Kolkata - 700 001, 033-2212702 & 2145792

Mrs. Droupadi Murmu, Minister, Govt. of Orissa, VII-C,Unit1, Bhubaneswar-751 001,0674-534707 (R)

Mr. Chaitanya Prasad Majhi, Ex-Minister, Govt. of Orissa, 0674-2419047

Mrs. Saraswati Hembram, Ex-Minister, Govt. of Orissa,at:Bijayramchandrapur,Baripada, Mayurbhanj, 757 002, 06792-60253

Dr. Sambhunath Mandi, MLA(Binpur,West Bengal), at:Amlatora,post: Golasuli, Midnapur(West), 721 502

Mr. Sudam Marndi, MLA, at/post: Baripada, Mayurbhanj, 757 002, 06792-54222

Mr. Mohan Charan Majhi, MLA(Keonjhar,Orissa), 9/1(F), MLA Colony, Unit4, Bhubaneswar

Dr. P.C. Hembram, Chairman, Jharkhand Public Service Commission, 139, Rajendra Chowk, Doranda, Ranchi - 834 002

Mr. U.N. Majhi, Financial Advisor, North Eastern Council, Taxation Building, Shillong, 793 001, 0364-222140

Mr. Girish Chandra Murmu, IAS, K-204, Sector 19, Gandhi Nagar, 382 010, 02712-3227081 (R), 9825037427 (M)

Mr. Guru Charan Murmu, IPS, IG(Vigilance) Bikash Bhawan, 3rd Floor, Kolkata - 700 091, 033-3377946

Mr. Shyam Sundar Hansdah, IPS, Superintendent of Police, Bhubaneswar, Orissa

Mr. Nityananda Hembram, at: Shyampur, post: Diasi, via: Jhargram, West Medinipur 721 515

Mr. Bajinath Murmu, son of Guru Gomke, at/po: Karandi, East Singhbhum, Jharkhand - 831 007

NOTE: This is not the final but an indicative list. The Convenor's right to invite others in addition to the above list is full and final. Individual(s)/ Association(s) can also express their willingness to join the Committee(s) if they can share the responsibilities as decided by the Committee. In case of busy schedule, the above-mentioned members can depute their representatives.

Task Force Committees

This is the second layer Implementing body of the Centenary Celebration. The Apex/Central/Steering Committee will choose a member from this Committee to Head each Task Force Committee. Formation of State level Task Force Committees can also be considered, if needed. In this scenario, a member of the Apex Committee can be the Heads of more that one Task Force Committee. Various Task Force Committees could be: 1) Fund Mobilisation; 2)Liaison with Govt. and Public Relation; 3) Programme Planning; 4) Event Arrangement and Management; 5) Budgeting, Financial Operation & Accounting; and 6) Souvenir and other publications etc. Respective Heads will choose other members of the committees from a pool of volunteers from various Districts and Blocks.

Working Committees

Members of the Working Committees are the actual people who will be engaged in ground level work. The Head of the Task Force Committees will form the District level, Block level committees to oversee the work of different areas. Each Head of the Task Force Committee or Apex Committee will invite the people/Association to join as volunteers/members to work in the respective committees as per their experience and expertise. Heads of the Task Force Committees can demand a person's or a group of persons' service in materializing the action points.

Process of Implementation

To kick-start the process, the name of Mrs. Droupadi Murmu is proposed to be the Convenor to convene first meeting comprising the above-suggested dignitaries. There is a need to suggest a stand by arrangement in case it is not possible on her part to initiate the process. The next person to be responsible to convene the meeting is Mr. Sudam Marndi. If this also fails, any member or some of the members from the above proposed members jointly will convene the meeting inviting the above dignitaries. Convenor(s) have the discretion to invite any other person to this meeting. Other arrangements will follow based on the decision of the Apex Committee.


Sl #
Action Points
Implementation/Target Date
1 Mrs. Droupadi Murmu, Hon'ble Minister, Govt. of Orissa to send letters for the meeting to form the Apex Committee. In case of difficulty the matter to be reported to Mr. Sudam Marndi. By January 15, 2003
2 Mr. Sudam Marndi, MLA to send letters. In case it is not possible on his part to do so, the matter may be informed to the proposed members of the Apex Committee By January 25, 2003
3 Any member or some of the proposed members jointly to initiate the process by sending letters By February 5, 2003
4 Meeting of proposed dignitaries to form the Apex Committee By end of February, 2003
5 Formation of Apex Committee and finalisation of associated formalities like rules etc., if needed By end of March, 2003
6 Formation of Task Force Committees and appointment of Heads to identify responsibility center by the Apex Committee and finalisation of associated formalities like rules etc., if needed By end of April, 2003
7 Finalisation of Celebration Day by the Apex Committee By end of May, 2003
8 Invitation to general public/associations to join in the Task Force and Working Committees By end of June, 2003
9 Finalisation of various Task Force Committees and Working Committees By end of August, 2003
10 Resource required for each activity and sources of fund to be identified/linked By end of November, 2003
11 Finalisation of action points for each committee with milestones By end of December, 2003
12 Review of progress of implementation & Reporting by various committees By end of March, 2004

As a sign of having endorsed this proposal, individuals and various social/cultural Associations may like to either formally or informally request Mrs. Droupadi Murmu and/or other suggested members to initiate the process. Due to the time constraint, it is opined that first Convenor should kick start the process immediately.

Various Committees may like to make use of the services of ASECA CHANNEL, for dissemination of news regarding pace of implementation of various action points and progress thereon.

· Editor: Purna Chandra Hembram· Published and Printed by Barisa Kisku on behalf of All India Adivasi Socio Educational and Cultural Association (Registered), New Delhi · Printed at S. K.Enterprises, B- 975, Mangol Puri, Delhi 110 083 and published from SFS Flat No. 326, Pocket 10, Sector 11 (Extension), Rohini, Delhi 110 085.

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