Future Plans for the ASECA CHANNEL

ASECA CHANNEL will be suitably designed and structured keeping in mind the response/feedback from the readers. Presently, focus is to collect data from various areas of Santal concentration for the purpose of documentation. Its publication and distribution is supported by the membersí contribution. To make this effort self sustainable in the future, a dedicated Fund will be created for the purpose. The Association has necessary financial tie up for its publication for at least two years and hopes ot continue with the patronage and support of the readers.

Appointment of Representatives

    We understand that for becoming effective, support and inputs of Representatives from various parts of the country are very important. We intend to create a network by appointing at least one representative from each block (panchayat). The idea is to cover as many place as possible to source the information so that any incident/event can be brought out in the Journal. So many things are happening around us and we experience that most of the events remain either unreported or partially reported. It will be of great service to our society if representatives located at various places make suitable inputs available. The objective of this idea is to sensitise people on matters of common interest. Our attempt is to establish this Journal as a single source of information for the concerned people including the government agencies, which is strongly felt now. In the beginning we are unable to promise remuneration for the representatives but it can be considered in future depending upon the financial position of the Association. We strongly hope that committed people imbued with the spirit of social service will bear with us on this aspect. The persons willing to become the representative are required to furnish the following particulars about them:

Proforma for becoming Representative of THE ASECA CHANNEL

Download the application form here.



affix passport size photograph


2. Fatherís name

3. Date of birth: (d/m/y)

4. sex: male/female:

5. Educational qualification:

6. Village:

7. P.O.:

8. sub/po

9. Police station:

10. Block

11. Pin:

12. District

13. State:

14. Membership of any organisation:


15. Declaration: I understand the responsibility as a representative of THE ASECA CHANNEL, a monthly journal published by All India ASECA, New Delhi and hereby declare that whatever information will be supplied by me are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

date:                                                                                                      Signature


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