The Advisory Sub-Committee On Excluded & Partially Excluded Areas;

Constituent Assembly, India


On behalf of the ‘KHERWAL JARPA SAMITY’

Head Quarters – Jamshedpur, Singhbhum


That, the KHERWAL JARPA SAMITY is purely a socio-literary organization for Mundari speaking people.
That, the Adibasis are backward only because education has not spread enough among them. This is due to the fact that they are receiving education through the foreign tongue which has become the cause of difficulty, discouragement, loss of time and energy in their way to education. But they do not lack actually in will and energy. The proper solution for all these lies in the invention of a new script for the Mundari language. How, why and when this new script came in to being is the main topic dealt in the memorandum.
That, in Bengal Central Provinces, Bihar and Orissa the great multitude of the Adibasis, speaking the same language had to read it in different scripts according to the province they occupy.
That, for want of a new script of their own language what saddest this vast population had to undergo hardly be expressed in so many words.
That, when the invention of a script to be adapted in the language of the Adivasis of Chotanagpur and the neighbouring provinces in India had to be made European Missionary Scholars engaged in the work of producing the literature decided upon the Roman alphabet supplemented by diacritical marks, answers all the phonal requirements of Mundari Language. And such Roman Script was recognized only to their advantage and of on avail to the teaching millions of Mundari speaking people. And only sometimes people ignorant of the Mundari language become hostile against the invention of a new script for the Mundari language and thus interesting the steady development of Mundari language.
That, for this important reason the new script successfully covering parrying and expressing phonetically all the peculiar sounds of the Mundari language become more a subject of interest to the educated persons in the Mundari language than taking shelter of Bengali, Oriya and Hindi scripts to print their books in those languages.
That, now after a hard struggle and untiring zeal and effort, the peculiar script known as ‘Ol’, phonetically befitting to this language has successfully been invented and brought to the eyes of the public. The necessity of invention of this script is purely historical.
That, ten years back Manotan Raghunath Murmu a Village schoolmaster in the Mayurbhanj State was experimenting the new script among villagers who highly appreciated and demanded for the script. As a result to meet the increasing demands the schoolmaster set up a hand press and typed out this new alphabet. Thanks to the then Superintendent of Education, Mayurbhanj State, serious enough to present the set of hand press to the state exhibition held at Baripada in the Mayurbhanj State in February, 1939, the script saw the light.
That, the newly invented script was in the air.  It is need for all times and it came in time.
That, when the Indian Nation is going to accept Hindusthani as the lingua franca in duplicate script in Hindi & Urdu, one would think it proper to advise the Adibasis to manage with one of the two. That would have served them much in time and energy on their education but both of them are inconsistent with the particular Mundari language and they had to be relegated to the background.
That, the immediate necessity of the Adivasis is to get themselves literate and educated as well as for which they can have no better script than “OL’ at present.
That, since its invention enquiries from far and near began pouring in. As this held the people learn to read and write scribbles the novices caused a demand for books with the new script. Then it was not possible to take up such a heavy work individually and the “KHERWAL JARPA SAMITY” came forward to render its services.
That, a book “Nel Jon Lagit OL” is already published in Santali language of Mundari group to invite constructive criticism from the public as well as from the experts and for the kind perusal of the Committee. Some copies of the same booklet are sent herewith.
That, now the public began to demand more books written in ‘OL’ Script for mass literacy and through the active support and help of the public the KHERWAL JARPA SAMITY has been able to possess a press even to publish books in this ‘OL’ Script.
That, now, I, on behalf of the KHERWAL JARPA SAMITY demand that ‘OL’ Script should be recognized as the proper medium of writing the Mundari language.
That, I am sure and confident that my humble memorial would not be a cry in the wilderness and that this will receive patient and sympathetic consideration and my demand will be deemed to be just, reasonable and equitable.
76, Adjai Road,                                                     MUNI BASKEY
Burmamines                                                           THE PRESIDENT
P.O. Tatanagar                                                       KHERWAL JARPA SAMITY
Dist: Singhbhum
Date 18-9-47