ALL INDIA ASECA, identifies the following crucial areas which requires immediate attention with appropriate course of action for effecting development in Adivasi society. The association solicits attention, active support, participation and involvement of all like minded brothers and sisters including philanthropists, Trusts and Foundations.

  1. Development of a network with the HQ at New Delhi.

  2. Publication of an in-house journal to facilitate dissemination of information, ideas, views, thoughts etc.

  3. Set up library.

  4. Publication of standard manuscript relating to Adivasi life and affairs.

  5. Development of a computerised Adivasi villages database starting with a pilot project.

  6. Setting up of "Center For Advance Training" for various social groups and "Center for Culture Research".

  7. Creation of a Jaher Revival Fund to service the institutional needs.

  8. Encourage and help students to acquire skills for finding better jobs.

  9. Spread the message of sacrifice and heroic struggle of the tribal leaders, freedom fighters and to see that Nation is according equal status and recognition to these leaders along with other freedom fighters and social leaders.

  10. Honour people for their work and achievements for the development of weaker sections of the society.

  11. Mass literacy drive specially in non formal sector preferably through mother tongue. Ol Chiki will be used to achieve desired result as per requirement.

  12. Convince people and govt. for official recognition of Santali language in Ol script.

  13. Explore other options for obtaining recognition for Santali Language.

  14. Codification of social practices in view of changing and emerging scenario.

  15. Prevent abuse of Santal Culture by others.

  16. Formation of an Intellectual Forum to aid and advise the process of long term strategy plan.

  17. Organise periodic meetings/workshops/seminars/conference to exchange ideas.

  18. Creation of a Fund to be utilised for the purpose of protection of our Human rights and other legal rights



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