With a view to popularise and make it easily available, the development of fonts was undertaken. The guidance was provided by Prof. R.C. Hansdah, IISc, Bangalore under the aegis of an e-group ID:wesanthals@yahoogroups.com) and the work was executed by Mr. Raj Narayan Marndi, Mr. P.C. Hembram and Mr. Naresh Chandra Murmu. Key board standardisation have been made based on the discussion in the group. Here seven sets of fonts are available for downloading. The letters given in the bracket represents the key board keys. After downloading, the .ttf files to be copied and pasted in the fonts directory. Open the normal word file and select the font as per your choice and start typing. These fonts are compatible with word editor. We will be glad to respond to your queries.  

o---------ot----- og----- on----- ol

(o)----- (T)----- (g)----- (f)----- (l)

a------- ak----- aj----- am----- aw

(a)----- (k)----- (j)----- (m)----- (w)

i------- is----- ih----- inj----- ir

(i)----- (s)----- (h)----- (q)----- (r)

u------- uch----- ud----- un----- uy

(u)----- (c)----- (D)----- (M)----- (y)

e------- ep----- ed----- en----- ez

(e)----- (p)----- (d)----- (n)----- (z)

oo------- ot----- ob----- on----- oh

(O)----- (t)----- (b)----- (v)----- (H)



Gahla tudag(full stop), mu tudag (N),rela(asciitilde), farka (dash), full stop(bar)

To download

click here for fonts developed by Raj Narayan Marndi

click here for fonts developed by P. C. Hembram

click here for | classic | old | optimum | regular | royal | fonts developed by Naresh Chandra Murmu


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