Santal Engineers' Association oganized a two day's Seminar-Cum-Annual Get together during 28-29, December, 2002 at Jamshedpur

Annual Get-together-2002 of SANTHAL ENGINEERS'ASSOCIATION (SEA) was held on 28th & 29th December-2002 at Tribal Cultural Centre, Sonari, Jamshedpur. Engineers along with their families from various part of India had attended the gathering. Seminar on CONTRIBUTION OF SANTHAL ENGINEERS FOR THE SOCIETY IN THE FIELD OF EDUCATION was held during the 1st session on 28th Dec-02 evening. The first session was started with a welcome address followed by inaugural speech by honourable chairman, the president of SEA Mr M R Tudu and minutes of last seminar & the annual get-together report of the association was read out by Dr K L Hansdah . Individual opinions were presented by the SEA members in the seminar. The first session was concluded with the adoption of a resolution.

In the second session the developmental plans of SEA were discussed. Present position of association, registration of association, residential complex for engineers at Jamshedpur and venue of next annual get together were the major topics in this discussion. In the middle of the discussion Mr K L Hansdah was lauded and congratulated by all SEA members for his intelligence and hard work in getting Doctorate Degree. Dr. Hansdah was presented a memento on behalf of SEA for his achievement by SEA President. Second session was concluded with vote of thanks at 10:00 pm.

A picnic was organized at Jubilee Park, Jamshedpur on 29th Dec-02. At picnic spot various extracurricular activities; games with lots of fun and introduction of SEA members and their family were conducted. Frankly speaking picnic, the BIRSOLE with delicious LETO SPECIAL was mouth watering to all. In the evening cultural programme was hosted at Tribal Cultural Centre. The local Santali orchestra entertained with traditional and modern songs with TUMDAH and TAMAK which was enjoyed very much by all the members and their families.

Finally the venue of the next annual get-together which is scheduled to be on last week of December-2003 was declared by SEA president Mr Tudu at the stage and the venue is the CYBERCITY, HYDERABAD.

Followings are the few opinions given by SEA members at the seminar on 28-12-2002:

1) We need a strong economy for up-liftment of intellectuals of rural and to encourage them to reach the top post in India. We can be helpful in funding them and give them the thrust for higher education through supply of study materials and tuition etc as a help of non government organization.
2) There is a need to improve our literature. To establish ourselves as the symbol of the Santal society it is mandatory to uplift the AL CHIKI, the DHARAM, the CULTURE and the TRADITION of Santal. Two ways out of thousands to improve are by organizing annual get-together like this and publishing the awareness journals (Monthly, half yearly or yearly).
3) Completeness of job in context of society improvement cannot be achieved single handedly. It requires unity and togetherness.
4) Use of web sites and e-media are modern days necessity to improve awareness among us and thus improve the society.
5) Socio, Education and Culture can be made stronger by knowing the use of a penny. Besides this let us make an attempt to give the monetary help to the intelligent graduate to prepare civil services with a hope of creating top official from our society. It is sure that the noble deed will always be appreciated and awarded.
6) Let 's adapt each of us one school in our own locality to render the maximum help to the society in the field of education.
7) There is nothing remarkable milestone we the SEAans have left behind since 1992. Let us re-unite and work for the same.
8) SEA is the most intellectual group of Santals and each & every engineer is the example of the society.
9) We should give maximum efforts towards thrust of the society in zonal or chapter wise.
10) It is heartening to note the change of religion of SANTALS. Let us create the awareness and save our original religion.
11) Sincere hardwork with a goal of an ant is appreciable. Let us learn a lesson from this and utilize the same towards our society.
12) For registration of SEA in Orissa, some problems are being faced. We may require help of engineering students in this regard.

Inputs received from: Ghasiram Marndi, Sr. Engineer/BHEL Hyderabad

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